It's not just old school... it's EVERY blast from the past.

What is Friends Reunited?

Friends Reunited is a British social networking pioneer. Traditionally known for reuniting old school friends, the site has evolved to celebrate every blast from the past. From heart-warming personal memories, to the national goose-bump moments we all experienced together, Friends Reunited now helps you remember all of your most cherished moments.

Find, collect and share the memories that matter to you.

Our History

Friends Reunited was launched in 2000 by husband and wife team Steve and Julie and their friend Jason Porter. The site quickly became a British media phenomenon, growing from two million members in its first year, to over 24 million registered members today. In 2003, sister site Genes Reunited was created to allow members an easy way to search for their ancestors online.

Two years later, Friends Reunited was sold to ITV and in 2008e. A range of social features were subsequently launched to help people share and express the important things in their life with family, friends and classmates. In 2010, brightsolid Online Innovation acquired the Friends Reunited Group, integrating Friends Reunited into its strong online portfolio of sites where people go to search their past, share their story and connect with people and places.